We generally charge £45 per hour ex VAT (travel time is chargeable) and in some circumstances are happy to negotiate a reduced fee for very small businesses or charities. We are happy to work with clients to procure grant funding.

Our charging is very straightforward. Our hourly rate is cheaper than many of our competitors. If you are using our services we charge you, whether it be phone calls, on-site or travel.

There are many companies who charge their time in blocks, eg 5 mins work equates to a one hour chargeable block, or a couple of hours means a half day charge. Our charges are to the nearest 10 mins.

There are many companies who charge you steep call out fees. We charge you for the time we travel.

There are many companies who try to lock you into maintenance contracts. If you don't like what we do, don't call us back, however we have many happy clients who keep calling for more...